Your IT Project Management Solution!

Clearlink IT can help your team manage a wide range of IT project management and implementation options to deliver needed solutions in a timely and cost effective manner.  Our communications focus will keep you informed and in control as we design and deliver the services your organization needs to be successful.  Projects can be handed off to internal staff or quickly migrated into our Managed Services Provider team to remove IT stress from your business.

Ground Level – Structured Cabling

The first stage of any network project is to install or test existing cabling. Structured cabling, also called premises cabling, a standardized system designed to carry voice, data, and video signal in a commercial or residential environment. Whether it is Ethernet or fiber, ClearLink IT meets your complex business requirements by providing industry-compliant designs, implementation and support for network infrastructure, telephony, and communications cabling. We will focus on every aspect of a technological build out including physical layer, inside and outside plant, LAN, WAN, circuits, intranet, internet, automation, and application.

Clearlink IT Firewall Install and Management

Firewall & Network Switching

The moat and gatekeepers of your network need to meet rigorous standards to withstand the threats of today and the bandwidth requirements of tomorrow. Our firewalls go beyond simple protection with the inclusion of inline threat detection, web content filtering, and secure VPN services for remote access. Our managed services will ensure that the firmware, software, and licenses are always up to date and meeting a wide range of compliance requirements. We are partnered with a number of hardware and software vendors that can be seamlessly integrated into multiple layers of defense and still provide fast, secure, and reliable bandwidth for your business. Learn more about our security services.

Clearlink IT WiFI Installs

Public & Private WiFi Installations

For a small office or a large public space we can implement a WiFi solution that meets the needs of your clients without creating security headaches for your internal networks. Want to set limits? Our network professionals can configure your system to ensure that the service is used legitimately and provide detailed reports to optimize the use of bandwidth and to restrict access to websites and services to ensure that the system avoids congestion. We can create a completely isolated system where you can provide WiFi through a separate internet connection or configure the service to allow your staff to use it to access office resources while guests may only access the internet.

Clearlink IT Vendor Partners

Hardware Purchase, Configuration, and Delivery

Need new servers, PCs, or other office equipment and want to ensure that it is not too much or too little for the assigned task? We have the vendor relationships to make the purchases at competitive prices and deliver in a timely manner. Want to avoid the headaches of installation or ensure that the gear is optimized for your office? We can receive the equipment and pre-install and configure your new machines so that they arrive ready to plug and play.

Virtualization, Cloud Implementation, and Management

Virtualization and cloud based servers are being quickly adopted by businesses of all sizes but it takes long term and effective planning to provide that ROI. Virtualization, whether in-house or cloud based, provides an outstanding tool for business continuation and disaster recovery and provide your business with the flexibility it needs to quickly expand as your business grows. Have physical servers that you want to move to either an internal or cloud based virtual server stack? Clearlink IT provides complete services to implement virtual servers locally or to a cloud based service like AWS, Azure, and Google. Our project management process will ensure that needed servers are properly provisioned to provide the needed resources at a predictable cost. We can make the migration to virtual servers painless as our engineers support both VMWare and Hyper-V technologies and we can assist you in making the best pick to meet your business needs.

Clearlink IT Vendor Relations

Hosted Software and Application Service Solutions

Our partnerships with both Microsoft and Google allow us to create and host email systems and provide best-in-class office productivity tools in a subscription price that gets you out of the rut of endless cycles of upgrades and compatibility issues. These services can be quickly structured to allow either an onsite administrator or you can delegate that to us so that we can deal with the day-to-day issues that come up with spam filters, delivery issues, and security monitoring. We also enjoy partnerships with a variety of other applications ranging from state-of-the-art anti-malware services to common office applications that are installed and configured to meet your needs. If you are part of our managed care services we will keep all of these applications patched and up to date, eliminating another distraction from your business.