On-Demand Secure Email and File Encryption

Email security is routinely taken for granted by users and often becomes a leading point for unintended disclosure of information for a business. In the past using secure mail options were cumbersome to use and required additional communications so that each side understood its operation. Now there are a variety of options that can be quickly integrated with your email applications. Clearlink IT uses HP’s Voltage SecureMail and Voltage SecureFile to deliver its secure email and files and have been recommending it as a solution for several years.

Voltage SecureMail: Rapid and cost-effective options to secure mail with business partners and clients

  • Rapid service implementation to quickly lock down your email.
  • Lowest cost on-demand service.
  • Minimized IT overhead.
  • Full integration with on-premise software like Microsoft Outlook or Gmail.
  • Email, Files, and Documents protected wherever they go.

    On-Demand Service: Email Encryption

    Voltage SecureMail is the world’s easiest to use and most powerful solution for secure email communications. It was designed for individuals and organizations that need to quickly and securely communicate sensitive information via email. This is a cloud based option which means no software and no purchase necessary for your recipients to read and reply to secure messages.

  • Voltage SecureFile: Easy to Use Email, File and Document Encryption

    Protect client confidentiality with easy to use, on-demand email, file and document encryption

  • Designed for Business Professionals.
  • Easy to use, no setup required.
  • No software and no purchase needed for recipients.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office 2007 and later.
  • Low cost subscription.

    On Demand Service: File and Document Encryption

    Voltage SecureFile is the most simple, powerful and cost-effective solution for protecting documents and files. Designed for individuals and organizations that need to easily and securely collaborate on files.

    Voltage SecureFile is bundled with Voltage SecureMail Cloud.